• <h3>Soul Boy</h3><h4>Directed by Hawa Essuman</h4>
  • <h3>Kati Kati</h3><h4>Directed by Mbithi Masya</h4>
  • <h3>Something Necessary</h3><h4>Directed by Judy Kibinge</h4>

Nairobi Half Life

Directed by Tosh Gitonga

The most successful local film in Kenya to-date!

A young, aspiring actor from upcountry Kenya dreams of becoming a success in the big city. Drawn into a world of theft and violence, he still tries to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Keeping the two worlds separate proves to be a contest for him as he struggles to survive in this unknown world called Nairobi.

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Kati Kati

Directed by Mbithi Masya

An extraordinary story about death and life.

The international distribution of the film has been generously supported by the Hubert Bals Fund+Europe programme of International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Her end is just the beginning: When Kaleche wakes up in the middle of the wilderness, she’s having no idea how or why she got there. She makes her way to Kati Kati, a nearby lodge, which has a dark secret: Kati Kati is inhabited by the souls of dead people waiting for redemption…

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Directed by Simon Mukali

Thrilling and touching at the same time. VEVE is complex and entertaining.

VEVE follows the lives of multiple characters trying to find themselves in a world of political intrigue, revenge, love and longings for success complemented by the background of the thriving yet unregulated veve business.

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Soul Boy

Directed by Hawa Essuman

Abila (14) lives in one of the most miserable slums in Africa. His girlfriend Shiku belongs to a different tribe, as the result of which he is not really allowed to fraternize with her. And then one drunken night his father gambles away his own soul.

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Something Necessary

Directed by Judy Kibinge

SOMETHING NECESSARY is an intimate moment in the lives of Anne and Joseph. A woman struggling to rebuild her life after the civil unrest that swept Kenya after the 2007 elections claiming the life of her husband, the health of her son and leaving her home on an isolated farm in the Kenyan countryside in ruins, she now has nothing but her resolve to rebuild her life left.

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